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By (author) | Conor Galvin






No way out! A deadly rejection plunges Rachel into a dark abyss as Flynn tries to compose himself for his first day in Trinity College. They both engage in self-loathing as a vortex of destruction beckons them both closer to the edge. A chance meeting with Hamish grants Flynn a temporary stay of execution as a portal is opened into his darker side. His mothers promiscuous relationships prompt Flynn to dream of murderous retribution. Meanwhile Rachel’s father Terry proves himself as a master manipulator as he leads a secretive life of infidelity and alcoholism. A drug induced binge propels Flynn on a rampage of criminality and mayhem. Traumatic flashbacks from his youth unleashes the beast inside his nature. This dangerous nature collides with the golden circle of Trinity College underworld with devastating consequences…


About Conor Galvin

Conor’s style of writing exposes the sneering cynical Dublin veneer of living life at the hard edge of society. His brute force observations on manic struggles of ordinary people behind closed doors will both captivate and challenge the reader. Burn in Hell Daryl Flynn is his debut novel and only the start of a journey in mundane, the macabre and the tormented under current of Irish society.

As a graduate of Trinity College, Conor knows all about the perils which exist beyond the famous front arch. His assimilation into Trinity life saw him infiltrate the golden circles of the campanile. This novel will lift the lid on the darker secrets of this conflicted institution as the chief protagonist is catapulted into Fresher’s week mayhem.