Brand as Business

In today’s competitive business marketplaces, the customer is in an incredibly powerful position, with the ability to choose which product or service to engage with. One of the main attracting factors for customers is the value they can see in a brand. We’re all aware of various brands and companies with greater value than others, yet many businesses fail to harness the true value of their brand, neglecting the opportunity to create an identity, a culture and a narrative that they can sell to their audience.

With such a wide range of choice available to customers, and with so many companies offering similar products or services, a strong and unique brand identity can be a key differentiator when it comes to attracting new business. It’s not just about the transaction though, the customer needs to feel that they are part of the brand’s story, and the company’s employees need to reinforce this with a culture that reflects the value of the brand.

For successful companies, the triangle of brand, customer and employee is held together by a relationship that includes a set of core values and beliefs that empowers the employee and rewards the customer. Consistency in this regard leads to motivated employees and loyal customers, who can then act as ambassadors for your brand. So what is your brand all about? It’s not something that can be summarised in a slogan, rather it’s based on a unique understanding of your business environment and the values that make your company different.

Drivers of business growth

Have you conducted extensive research into the market in which your business operates? This can be the basis for defining what can make your company stand out. What are your competitors doing right, and what are they doing wrong, and how can you take advantage? Once you find your key drivers and objectives, you can use them to position your company better.

Getting your brand strategy moving

Your strategy needs to be exactly that, strategic. It’s not something that can be done in a piecemeal fashion, if you don’t pay attention to the detail of your business, employees and customers will notice. Staying ‘on-brand’ may require training for staff to help them develop the soft skills and performance management that your brand needs in order to deliver. As employees develop their knowledge, understanding and execution of the brand strategy, make them part of the story too. A sensible rewards structure leads to enthused employees which will result in a better experience for customers. This can also be a good time to consider a new product or service which will present an easy-win opportunity for your company to reposition or reinforce its place in the market.

Indeed, brand positioning is the fulcrum around which your brand strategy will develop. By having a clear vision of where you are and where you want to go, you’re far more likely to develop the right tools to get you there, creating a company that is not just a name, but a brand led business with a clear identity.

What we can do

At Universal Media, we blend strategic and creative thinking when transforming a company’s brand. We get to know your market, your customers, your employees and your objectives. We ensure that your message is strong, building on a core honesty of having the ability to deliver what you are promising to customers. Is your product or service developing along with the brand? This analysis allows us to really identify what the important elements of your brand are, then we can unleash our creative talent to breathe new life, and direction, into that brand.

We use an established process which is easy for our clients to understand. We work closely with them throughout the brand development process, ensuring that they are at the core of the brand’s story. We’re transparent in everything we do and explain our work in ways that our clients understand. We know you’re busy doing your work, and we work to ensure that your business works better, rather than you working harder.

So, isn’t it time your considered how your brand could be refined or transformed? Get in touch with us, and we can show you how an effective brand can be a very effective way of establishing a secure and stable future for your business.