Relevance vs Disruption

If you don’t look at phrases such as ‘disruption’ or who ‘is a disruptor’ in the context of what the phrases actually mean in terms of specific business changes, or impacts on specific markets, they become just two more stock phrases that are thrown around all too frequently by some in the start-up, marketing or PR spheres.

While disruption can succeed at a massive scale, think Uber or AirBnB, it is also clear that it is a phrase that has been both corrupted and misunderstood. It has almost become another word for change or innovation, another buzzword to echo the gut feeling that many businesses have when they’re desperate not to be left behind. As a result, at Universal Media we see many cases of company’s seeking change, and sometimes radically unnecessary change, without a clear vision of what this change is trying to accomplish. Without a clear strategic vision, the only thing you’ll be disrupting is the viability of your business.

We believe that the success of any company, and the effectiveness of that company’s brand, comes down to relevance. Is your brand relevant to your market, your customers and your potential customers? The meaning of real disruption is seen when a brand proposes a solution that addresses a huge gap between people’s needs and what is currently available. The key for any brand is maintain relevance, so that your brand is not contributing to this misalignment.

Of course, companies today need to continuously change, and innovate to some extent, as consumer needs evolve much faster than ever before, so they may find themselves having to constantly evaluate how relevant they are, and how relevant they will be, hence the talk of taking these large ‘disruptive’ leaps ahead, when what they really need to do is focus consistently on the quality, reliability and deliverability of their brand.

There are many questions ahead in an ever changing marketplace. Is your brand too precious and static? Are you highlighting your value? At Universal Media we believe a brand is much more than what you see, it provides the spine of a business’s identity and it provides the agility to react and the stability to endure. What does your business ‘backbone’ look like? Get in touch with us for a brand consultation to understand what it is currently, and what it could become.