CILT: Last Mile Delivery

The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport and Linkline Journal continue their series of high-value conversations around the most challenging portion of the supply chain journey: The Last Mile. From regulation and technology available to Ireland’s commercial transport sector to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on the national and global supply chain sector, we continue to explore challenges and opportunities of the last mile market.

With all-round efforts to redesign the supply chain in a sustainable manner, the seminar will be focused on solutions involving technology and innovation, addressing key players in the industries across the value chain – retailers, e-commerce, transportation & delivery.



What will last mile delivery look like post-coronavirus? 
How technology can lead to sustainable growth? 
What are the challenges behind the “same day delivery” promise? 
Is the Irish Last Mile market prepared to pivot and take advantage of opportunities? 


• Faster Order Handling ; 
• Package Traceability ; 
• In-House Delivery ; 
• Shared Operator Resources ; 
• Investing in Smart Technology ; 
• Robots and Drones ; 
• Real-Time Transparency ; 
• Industry Partnerships. 

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