I’m going to build and sell Quantum Repeaters

Yes you heard that right. And this is not science fiction.

The internet of the future will be unhackable. How?

Quantum technology.

Scientists at Delft University, are building a network between four cities in Holland with quantum technology.

Messages sent over this network will be unhackable. Unhackable.

Let that sink in.

Online life without passwords.

No PINS or payment verifications or confirm your email address.

The future has been here all along we just had to figure out how to use it.

So where does the Universal Quantum Repeater (price to be confirmed) fit in all of this?

Scientists have finally learned how to transmit pairs of really tiny particles called photons across fibre optic cables that securely protects the information encoded in them.

It’s a thing called Entanglement but I won’t go into that here.

Currently they can only transmit these thingies a short distance: 1-2km.
They need a regular kick in their particle backsides to shove them on.
Enter the Universal Quantum Repeater to deliver the boot.

The Delft network, ably led by Stephanie Wehner, will be the first to transmit information using quantum technology from end to end.
Wehner’s team have shown they can send these sub atomic missionaries more than one kilometre, and are confident they can quantum link Delft and the Hague soon.

Making sure of an unbroken connection over long distances requires quantum repeaters that extend the network.

They are working on the design of these.

The first should be completed in the next five to six years, says Wehner, with a global quantum network following by the end of the decade.

I’m going to get there first.